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Our endeavor is to create an environment of relaxation by way of a traditional European Day Spa experience. We promote the importance of positive psychological well-being, a necessary ingredient in the proper care of your skin and body.

Our premium products and treatments are specifically designed to enhance the face, providing an ageless approach to natural health and beauty.

As you enter our doors, you leave the world behind. This is our goal!

At Aesthetic Profiles, our highly trained and experienced staff will recommend individualized facial, as well as a simple-to-follow home care program. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics in Sonoma County, Aesthetic Profiles and Skin Care is very proud of our hard earned reputation for offering unique treatments that consistently deliver positive results. You will also find a unique inventory of soaps, lotions and personal care items that we seek out in our European markets. Enjoy positive results with all of us at Aesthetic Profiles and Skin Care.

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